Influxdb: show real database size in Grafana

Influxdb has no useful functions to look at the real database size. As I have created a retention policy combined with continuous queries I want to see the exact values per database. I use the following approach: in Crontab a bash is executed to get the real influxes database values the values are then pushed[PID]: Failed to reach influxdb http endpoint at http://localhost:8086/health

on my Raspi4 the last installed influxd-package was no more able to start the service.CPU-load was at 100%, the “systemctl start influxd” routine was running in a loop.As the smarthome generates many data the service took longer to start as expected by the new startup-script . Fix:in ./usr/lib/influxdb/scripts/ increase the sleep timer (in my

daily compression of InfluxDB

InfluxDB is an open source time series database built by InfluxData and used in e.g. Openhab for data persistance.For small computers like raspi’s it is a best practice to compress the database regurlarly. Why not using cron ? Well, it works.. the only (security)-drawback is to grant /bin/bash to the influx-user: cat /etc/cron.daily/00influx: cat /home/pi/