daily compression of InfluxDB

InfluxDB is an open source time series database built by InfluxData and used in e.g. Openhab for data persistance.For small computers like raspi’s it is a best practice to compress the database regurlarly. Why not using cron ? Well, it works.. the only (security)-drawback is to grant /bin/bash to the influx-user: cat /etc/cron.daily/00influx: cat /home/pi/1_influxrepair.sh:

ntopng , fritzbox (fritzdump.sh) and geolocation

The latest browsers have removed the Geolocation API from unsecured Origins. If you still want to use Geo-API tools with fritzdump.sh ntopng needs to run secure, based on ssl (TLS). ntopng has written a nice howto to use let’s encrypt-based certs. But what needs to be adjusted on the firtzdump.sh script ? if you want