remove/rename files with spaces in filename(s)

Let’s examine the folder structure: Search for files with space(s) in the filename(s) To do a search within the current folder for all files with a space in the filename do: the “-maxdepth 1” parameter limits the search within the current folder.“-maxdepth 2” would search within the current and the first subfolder(s) To do a

Pi-hole: send pihole.log and pihole-FTL.log to external Syslog-server

The option to send Pihole-logs to a remote syslogserver is not implemented.Good thing is that Pi-hole creates log-files.How about adding these logfiles to the local (R-)Syslog-daemon and send it over to the external Syslog-Server via port 514 TCP/UDP ? I use Dietpi as the OS on my Raspi3+ and added Pi-hole as one of the

fix openhab error: Rule ‘[rulename]’: An error occurred during the script execution: index=0, size=0

My goal is to execute an python-script when the Battery-charge has reached 70% My rule was not executed, the error as shown above is seen in the log.My faulty script: Reason of the error: the if-statement is misleading, to check if the value is equal it needs two “==”: working-code: to debug BYDBat/KOSTALPLENTICOREPlus70WithBattery_BatteryCharge.state debugging needs