ntopng , fritzbox (fritzdump.sh) and geolocation

The latest browsers have removed the Geolocation API from unsecured Origins. If you still want to use Geo-API tools with fritzdump.sh ntopng needs to run secure, based on ssl (TLS).

ntopng has written a nice howto to use let’s encrypt-based certs.

But what needs to be adjusted on the firtzdump.sh script ?

if you want to run only ntopng with TLS on port 3001 and disable http the original line:

wget --no-check-certificate -qO- $FRITZIP/cgi-bin/capture_notimeout?ifaceorminor=$IFACE\&snaplen=\&capture=Start\&sid=$SID | ntopng -i -

should be adjusted to:

wget --no-check-certificate -qO- $FRITZIP/cgi-bin/capture_notimeout?ifaceorminor=$IFACE\&snaplen=\&capture=Start\&sid=$SID | ntopng --https-port=3001 --http-port=0 -i -

Done 🙂

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